Friday, November 4, 2016

The Most Incredible College Libraries Around The World

There’s nothing that consoles a book lover more than the library – the haven of all knowledge, the treasury of stories. The idea that you can borrow any book you like that hundreds of people have read before you is probably one of the better inventions of mankind. That being said, not all libraries fill us with awe, and thousands of best library lists and Pinterest entries prove that the beauty of a library is a very subjective matter. We have decided to focus on college libraries, and what freshmen may find in them as they embark on the new stage of their life’s journey.

These 9 university libraries are probably the holy sanctuary of all students attending:

Koerner Library at The University of British Columbia

If you like modern conceptual architecture, you will be hard-pressed to focus on the books at the Koerner Library on the University of British Columbia campus. It looks like an open book, and wherever you go inside, you will have full view of the glorious mountain landscape.

Sofia University Library

In Europe, our first stop would be the Sofia University Library. Its arching walls are vaguely reminiscent of the Oval office and its stacks of books are awe-inspiring, but it probably wouldn’t distract an eager student from obtaining knowledge.

Suzzallo Library at The University of Washington

If you like your libraries a bit more serious and you’re more of a fan of Wes Anderson flicks, you will find some very carefully dosed whimsy balanced out by grandeur at the Suzzallo Library at The University of Washington. Just remember – no talking while others are studying!

Library and Learning Centre at The University of Economics Vienna

For futurists and lovers of great architecture out there, the library on the campus of The University of Economics in Vienna is surely the most beautiful. Zaha Hadid’s vision was marvelously executed here – after seeing this, the idea of studying economics in Austria doesn’t sound so monotonous anymore!

Stauffer Library at Queen's University

If you, however, aren’t a student in Chicago but somewhere in Kingston, Ontario, and still want to study in a fantasy-world-ready library, you will find everything that inspires you in Stuaffer Library at Queen's University. Its fa├žade vaguely resembles that of the Capital City in The Hunger Games, but it’s beautiful and isn’t housing a dystopian nightmare – just lots of books.

Widener Library at Harvard University

If your vision of an ideal library is more old world and decorative, you would surely love the Widener Library at Harvard University. Its renaissance painting-decorated halls complete with grandiose chandeliers (no swinging, though!) remind us of times long past.

Humboldt University Library

If you would like your libraries more modern, but not soulless, and with one foot firmly in the past times, you would love studying at the Humboldt University Library in Berlin, Germany. It was carefully renovated to bring out the best of all eras.

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University

Sci-fi and comic book fans going to Yale this fall will probably worship imagine the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library on the Yale University campus. Its position and construction are vaguely reminiscent of Superman's Fortress of Solitude, so looking for books here will have a whole new sense of mystery and exploration.

Harper Memorial Library at The University of Chicago

If you want to feel like you’re attending Hogwarts and practicing magic instead of just brushing up on design or engineering at ye olde Uni, the Harper Memorial Library at The University of Chicago is the place for you. You won’t need to answer a riddle to get in, but every true Ravenclaw will enjoy studying in these halls.


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