Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Star Citizen Gameplay Footage Is Very Impressive

A new demo of planetary gameplay was presented to a live audience. Even though one could make notice of a few glitches during the show, the presentation was a great success. Feel free to it check it out below.

Due to minor mishaps, the stream has been parsed into 4 parts (which can be found on the playlist). The 4th part, which is actually the bonus part, is presented in the development environments, taking the viewer from one planet to the next one.  

A particularly mesmerizing aspect is the spherical environment. The horizons are seemingly as natural as they can get, allowing the audience to enjoy the vastness as they would in reality. Additionally, there is no distance fog to limit draw distance. In my opinion, this spectacle deserves an anecdote on its own to describe all the beauty it entails.


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