Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Top Gear is back on your TV at the end of the month

We waited long enough! Expect Top Gear to be back on your TV screens on 29th May.

Hopefully, your regular Sunday evenings will return to normal. After 7,500 miles were filmed by six new presenters in nine countries over the course of eight months!

A Ferrari F12tdf, an Ariel Nomad, a Dodge Viper and jet fighter will all be featured, along with the leading presenter – puking! And expect much more to come.

Make yourself available on the 29th;it’s never too soon for Top Gear to come back, but it will come soon enough. And also get ready for a new feature this season - behind-the-scenes show coming after.

You’ve probably seen the trailers already, but there are more from where these come from; check out the most recent – extended trailer!


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