Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Make Crash Bandicoot Relevant Again

Even though Crash might not be coming back after all, the recent rumors about it have gotten everyone thinking about Sony’s marsupial and nostalgia-filled days of their childhood. Starting with the Reddit discussion in 2013 and an online petition, attention has been repeatedly brought to the beloved platform game character which has fallen out of the spotlight during the years. As it looks, that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten.

Revival rumors have created quite a buzz in the Crash fanbase, and even though they’re rebunked (for now), it might be a good time to think about ways to make Crash relevant again.

Say good-bye to Activison’s Crash

Most gamers will probably agree on one thing: forget about the tribal tattoos and mind controlling mutants, and keep the gameplay similar to Crash Bandicoot.

Bring back old-school difficulty

Have a riding level here and there to change the pace, and keep the gem-collecting challenging. There isn’t anything more satisfying in Crash than getting a near-impossible gem or performing a fast running and jumping section perfectly.

Stay true to PS1 trilogy’s gameplay

The graphics would need to be improved, even though the old art style has its charm (but it’s mostly just nostalgia talking there).  But, no need to go over the top. The Playstation Mid East tweet would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Listen to your fans

Keep the same old classic style – there’s no need for the game to be an open-world game, or have mini-levels no one wants to play, or have a bunch of upgrades that need to be bought or anything like that. We all want to roam a monster-infested island as a little orange marsupial once more – nothing more and nothing less.


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