Sunday, October 25, 2015

PolyPi Raspberry Pi Point And Shoot Instant Camera Created

PolaPi camera, powered by the Raspberry Pi single board mini PC, is a point and shoot instant camera that utilizes a thermal printer which enables you to instantly capture and print your photos. It is a polaroid-style camera and as such, its aim is not to make good quality prints, but rather make them cheap and quick to print.

It features a small display of 2.8″with a resistive touch overlay and 320×240 16-bit color pixels. To build PolaPi you would need Raspberry Pi 2, a camera module and a TFT screen, thermal printer, a 74.v LiPo battery, 5v regulator, trigger button and an on/off switch.

The creator of the PolaPi camera explains more :
It is an other aspect of the photography to be able to not only show the picture you just took to your friends (on the camera screen), but to physically give the picture.
The aim of this camera is not to make good quality prints. Its give monochrome and tiny prints, but cheap and within few seconds. It is based on ‘affordable’ and easy to find parts, and Java programming language.


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