Saturday, August 8, 2015

Japanese mini Segway "WalkCar"

Can you remember the Segway? And how we all thought of it as the new way of human transportation? Sadly, it hasn’t come to life mainly due tothe device being quite big and stodgy; and a big minus – too expensive. Enter the WalkCar.

Now a Japanese engineer, Kuniako Saito presents you a new, tiny personal transportation system - WalkCar. It is small enough to fit right in your backpack! You can just take it out of your backpack, step on it and wush!

When you’d like to stop, simply – step off. You can control it just by leaning your body to either side – it’s that simple!

Even though it looks tiny and so lightweight (it’s made of aluminum), it can easily carry 120kg and you can travel at max speed of 10 kmph for at least 12 km. After that you’ll probably need a re-charge, and apparently it’ll take 3 hours for that.

The main engineer, Saito and his team at Cocoa Motors plan to launch the WalkCar this autumn and the expected price is somewhere around 800 bucks.


Can't wait to see fat americans using two of these in tandem

Just what overweight America needs!

looks great with a 125 pound guy...

The world of WALL-E is upon us. What's so bad about WALKING?

Why would you want to be standing like this? You would go flying at the first bump. If you could balance yourself sideways like on a skateboard, surfboard, snowboard, waterski etc then this would be a good idea.

"Can you remember the Segway? And how we all thought of it as the new way of human transportation?

No. I know nobody who ever thought that.

So what is this device supposed to do besides be a gimmick?

I thought this would be shit but it's actually pretty cool. If there was a mechanism to stop and start while staying on the board, or having variable speed I think it'd be much more attractive of a device for office spaces/urban areas.

I'm thinking it's like a wii fit board for the sensors, but the tiny back wheels concern me a bit. 8/10

not mentioned: you can charge them at all Tesla charging stations for free!

And yet again on the internet - another 'invention' that's been done before.

"StandCar" seems like it would be a more appropriate name, since there is no walking involved at all. Or better yet: the "Health Destroyer."

Just walk, folks! One of the best things you can do for your health.

What are those shoes? Must have them.

I remember the press /telling/ us that the Segway was the new way of human transportation -- while they were still being coy about what it was they were talking about.

I don't remember anyone thinking this after they saw it.

These would be good for guys in hospitals like the VA that push patients around in wheel chairs. My wife would love one when she pushes me around the hospital. There are days, rare as they may be, when I have 5 or more clinics. That's a lot of back and forth in a large hospital. Its very tiring. The walk man and a wheel chair is a sturdy 3 point stance. Thats solid. I want one. Is it available and whats it cost. There is an effective use for this little baby.

I'm guessing the streets of Japan are mostly flat and taken care of, as seen in the ad. Thinking about it, his could be used for the eldery, for going outside even if you have problem waking (like my grandfather). Buuuut this would be perfect for haunted houses (a guy in a ghost costume gliding towards you in a foggy room)

Looks like it has a battery capacity of something like the end of the driveway.

I'd like one. I live at the bottom of a one kilometre hill in a very hot part of Spain. Too hot to walk and be 'cool' when I arrive.

You guys are slaying it without thinking. Yes, you're going to have people who clearly dont need it using it. But think about the older people who's legs could use a break. The people who are young but still aren't that mobile, can stand fine, but movement is a problem. I have one of those two-wheeled segway without a handle things (they really need a common name) and older people ask me all the time if it would benefit them. This device would help a lot better than the one i have

its very nice project

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