Thursday, March 19, 2015

High-tech glove could help the deaf-blind send text messages

In countries where people mostly speak German, there is such a system of communication called Lorm. It enables deaf-blind people to speak to each other using a series of hand-motions.

Although it is very helpful for deaf-blind people, very few other people know how to use it, which eventually limits the communication only between impaired persons.

On the plus side, there are certain attempts in technology field to enable communication with those who don’t know how to use Lorm. Berlin’s researchers are working on developing something called the Mobile Lorm Glove, which will enable deaf-blind people to translate their Lorm messages to text on a computer or a mobile device.

A person who is deaf or blind will be able to touch the palm of the glove with sensors, the same as he would do on a normal hand. The sensors will then ‘pick up’ the Lorm signs and translate these into text which is then sent as SMS message to the receiver’s smartphone. And vice versa – the receiver will be able to send a message back to the glove. All this uses Bluetooth technology.

This amazing Mobile Lorm Glove will enable deaf-blind people to with more than one person at the same time.

Although the glove is still just a prototype, it has already seen its application among those who need it the most.


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