Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This Is How Cars Will Look Like In 2050

Less than a hundred and fifty years ago, the word “car” did not exist in the vocabulary and only dreamers and scientists believed that mechanized transport could become as commonplace horse-and-buggy. Then, just over a hundred years ago, the first motorcars started appearing in the streets and human mobility has never looked back since then. From the swashbuckling coupes of the ‘50s to the winged supercars of today, the automobile has become one of the basic necessities of human life in the new millennium and most trend watchers suggest that despite the growing concern about global warming, emissions and fuel shortages, the family car is here to stay. So what would cars look like in the year 2050?

Audi 2050 Concept Audi 2050 Concept

Victor Uribe’s Audi 2050 Concept takes us back to the future with its strange mixture of ‘30’s-inspired chassis and futuristic cabin and finish that makes us wonder why we imagine a future so bleak where individuals in society would be so isolated from one another that even their cars wouldn’t come pre-fitted with space for a passenger! Anywho, the stunning chrome-like racer would come with all the appropriate Audi branding as well as a cool sliding roof serving as a door and will run on a cool hydrogen-propelled engine, ensuring the car maintains its green credentials in the eco-conscious streets of the future.

2050 BMW M3 2050 BMW M3

This BMW concept may look like it stole liberally from the Audi concept we showcased above, but this very original idea comes to us courtesy of designer Daniel Nikonchik and features all kinds of kickass features like fully downloadable interiors (whatever that means), fiber optic door jams, Nano Paint, and millions of nano cams that would allow occupants to “see-through” the body panels of the car as well as give the vehicle fantastical functional capabilities like using the feed from the cameras to zoom in on road signs ahead and get night vision! Now that’s what we call a futuristic concept!

Mercedes-Benz Arrow concept Mercedes-Benz Arrow concept

In the auto world, Mercedes is perhaps the only carmaker that has never churned out an ugly car. Perhaps designer Felipe Palermo didn’t like that fact too much because his vision of what a Merc would look like in the year 2050 is nothing short of an abomination. The disturbing cross between a 1954 Gull-wing, an SLR McLaren, and the old Silver Arrows, the Mercedes-Benz Arrow concept comes with tandem seating, re-injectable tires, and a very dated silhouette that looks like a LEGO installation gone wrong.

Opel Icona concept Opel Icona concept

Though most auto concept designer tend to think that the cars of the year 2050 would predominantly feature silhouettes and shapes from the race cars of the early 1900s, there are a few very talented dreamers who are bold enough to come with truly cutting edge concepts that are completely worthy of being the future of the auto industry. Leading the pack in the avant garde segment is Juan Pablo Bernal P’s Opel Icona concept for the year 2050 that comes complete with amphibious capabilities as well as a stunning V-shaped layout and seemingly in-built tires.

Bugatti Morpheus concept Bugatti Morpheus concept

Yet another future-worthy stunner in our list is the Bugatti Morpheus concept that is mean, drool worthy and actually more likely to end up on the streets than any of its competitors. Created by design student Doojin Choi, the Bugatti Morpheus concept would come with clever syncing abilities that would allow the vehicle to run on automated tracks in programmed traffic in the cities, while its clever racing-inspired body would offer it maximum off-track performance as well.

Biome concept Biome concept

One of the more official concepts in the list, the Biome concept from Mercedes Benz has already been debuted in front of the public at the Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge earlier his year albeit as a 1:1 scale model. developed in Mercedes Benz’s Carlsbad studio, the Biome is basically a minimalist bio-futuristic car that aims at achieving seamless integration into the ecosystem while providing unparalleled efficiency though Merc-Benz have not provided any info regarding the production possibility behind this concept and what other delicious futuristic tech it could hold.

Bentley SenseS Bentley SenseS

If you understand what a bionic hand is and how it would function if it ever saw the light of the day, you would have absolutely no problem understand the Bentley SenseS. The car takes the metaphor of men loving their cars like a living being and develops it even further and takes it to the next level by imagining a car that would not only intuitively understand the driver’s need, but would also be sensitive enough to respond to the driver’s emotion and feelings. We have a feeling this car would be an absolute hit among women!


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